¿Cuál es tu frase favorita de una canción?

Esas frases que te encanta repetir de tus canciones preferidas
Yo tengo varios:
"You can´t put some joy upon my face, or sunshine in a empty place"
"Like a gust of wind, you hit me off sometimes"
" Why are we dance now when the party is over? Why we running out when the race is done?"
" Tur your face towards the sun. let the shadow from behind you"
y muchas más


Más Util de Ellas

  • De esas frases que pusiste me encantó la última!
    A mí me conmueve mucho una de una canción de joni mitchell que dice
    You laugh, he said, you think you're immune. Go look at your eyes, they're full of moon.
    La canción tiene un diálogo entre dos personas. Una le dice a la otra que todos los romantivcos terminan como el, cínicos y borrachos en algun oscuro café. Y desp le dice eso de arriba...


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Ellos Dijeron 4

  • 1.- "Follow through Make your dreams come true Don´t give up the fight You will be alright ´Cause there´s no one like you in the universe"

    2.- "Hopelessly I'll love you endlessly Hopelessly I'll give you everything But I won't give you up I won't let you down And I won't leave you falling But the moment never comes"

    3.- "I won't let you control my feelings anymore And I will no longer do as I am told And I am no longer afraid to walk alone Let me go Let me be I am escaping From your grip You will never own me again Yeah"

    4.- "From this moment From this moment You will never be alone We're bound together Now and forever The loneliness has gone"

    5.-"You were never truly loved You have only been betrayed You were never truly nurtured By churches of the state You were left unprotected To these wild and fragile lands But you can rise up like a god Arm yourself You can be strong You can build a nuclear power Transform the earth to your desire Free your mind from false beliefs You can be the commander in chief You can hide your true motives To dismantle and destroyer"

  • "No abuses de mi inspiración,
    no acuses a mi corazón
    tan maltrecho y ajado
    que está cerrado por derribo.
    Por las arrugas de mi voz
    se filtra la desolación
    de saber que estos son
    los últimos versos que te escribo,
    para decir "condios" a los dos nos sobran los motivos."

  • And I know she'll be the death of me, at least we'll both be numb
    And she'll always get the best of me, the worst is yet to come
    All the misery was necessary when we're deep in love
    This I know, girl, I know

  • Ehhm, no se puede contener en una frase, es todo un concepto, pero lo resumiré en una frase:
    "Then all I swore, that I would never be what's now... so suddenly, the only thing I wanted to become, to be someone just like him"

    I never wanted to become someone like him so secure
    Content to live each day just like the last
    I was sure I knew that
    This was not for me
    And I wanted so much more
    Far beyond what I could see
    So I swore that I'd
    Never be someone like him

    It's wonderful to know
    That I could be
    Something more than what I dreamed
    Far beyond what I could see
    Still I swear that I'm
    Missing out this time

    As far as I could tell
    There's nothing more I need
    But still I ask myself
    Could this be everything
    Then all I swore
    That I would never be was now
    So suddenly
    The only thing
    I wanted
    To become
    To be someone just like him


Ellas Dijeron 6

  • Me gusta mucho una de Mijares y Lucero que dice:
    Seras del tamaño de tus pensamientos, no te permitas fracasar, lo mas importante son los sentimientos y lo que no puedes comprar.
    La canción se llama : El privilegio de amar.

  • Me gustó la anteúltima :)
    Y mi favorita es cortita: Hold out your hands and you can go anywhere.

  • You were red and you liked me because I was blue
    You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky
    And you decided purple just wasn't for you

  • Blood on the dane floor
    Ellos dicen que la vida es un libro abierto. Pasa la pagina y comienza de nuevo
    Tu no puedes juzgarme

  • "hey all you had to do was stay you had me in the palm of your hand"

  • yo creo que es "sunday morning rain is pouring, steals some covers share some skin"